Below are the terms and conditions of using this website as well as rights and responsibilities when you access and/or use the services in this website.

In the event that you access this website, it reflects on your admittance and accord that you are tied to these terms and conditions and by doing so an agreement is formed between you as the client, and us, for access and/or use of this website.

These terms will replace the previous ones that you have accepted or accessed through this website. Your usage and/or access to this service will further be accepted as your acceptation to these terms and conditions.

Limits of Responsibilities

You clearly understand and agree that we are not responsible for any form of loss, directly or otherwise, collectively or exemplary, including but not limited to any loss in terms of any loss of profit, trust or discreet loss other than the following reasons:

  • usage or incapable of utilizing this service;
  • acquired cost of replaced goods and services following the purchase of any product, data, information or service or received message or any transaction that was done through or from this website;
  • unmerited access or changes in delivery or your data;
  • statements or third-party action in this website; or
  • other matters in relation to this website.


We can provide links to other websites. Those websites are owned and managed by third-parties and because of that, we have no control on the aforementioned websites or its sources. You admit and agree that we hold no responsibilities towards other websites or its sources and we do not support and shall not be held accountable for the content of product advertisements or other material that is available from the website or any other sources. You further admit and agree that we shall be held responsible, directly or otherwise, towards any damages or loss that is caused by or believed to be caused by or related to the usage of content, goods or services that is available at or through the aforementioned website or its sources.


We hold the right to terminate your access to any area of service or the whole service and any related service at any time, with or without reason, with or without notice, effective immediately. We also hold the right to end or suspend your account, should it be inactive, which in definition, is failure to utilize the services of this website through that account for a certain period of time. You agree that we shall not be held responsible towards you or any third-party in the event that you are denied access to those services.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions

We hold the right to make any amendments, modifications, cancellations or additions to these terms at any time we see fit by issuing an early notice. However, in case of emergency or for the sake of the security of this website or in situations that are out of our hands, where we see fit to amend, modify, cancel or add to these terms, it will be done so without any prior notice. You have agreed that you will access and review these terms from time to time to be aware of any latest amendments, modifications, cancellations or additions. You further agree and accept that continuous access and usage terms (that are changed or modified from time to time) will be presumed as your acceptance to any change, modification, cancellation or addition to these terms and conditions.

Modification of Service

We hold the right to modify or terminate these terms (or part of it) anytime either on a temporary or a permanent basis with or without a notice. You agree that we are not responsible to you or a third- party on any modification, suspension or termination of service.


The subheadings under these terms hold only as a reference and cannot be accepted in these interpretations. If any aspect of these terms is against the law at anytime, it will be separated from the other terms and conditions while maintaining the legality of the other terms. The other terms will be strictly commenced without being affected by the illegal term.